Fishing Seasons are subject to change

& set by the:

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

King Salmon (Chinook)

First Run: May 15 - June 30
Second Run: July 1 - July 31

Silver Salmon (Coho)

First Run: August 1 - August 31
Second Run: September 1 - October 1

Red Salmon (Sockeye)

First Run: May 20 - June 15
Second Run: July 15 - August 10

Pink Salmon (Humpy)

July 20 - August 20
(Even Years Only)

Rainbow Trout

June 15 - October 31


May 1 - September 30

Dolly Varden

June 15 - October 31

Charters & Tours


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  • Halibut

  • Salmon



  • Bear Viewing

  • Glacier Cruise (Whittier)

  • Kenai Fjords Cruise (Seward)

  • Rafting

  • Sealife Center

  Things to bring

  • Camera to record your Alaska Fishing & Hunting Adventure

  • Rain Gear is a must

  • Prescription Medications (if needed)

  • Neoprene waders or hip boots, although these are reasonably priced locally if you don't want to pack them (we do have some on hand but can't guarantee size or quality)

  • Layered warm clothing, including shorts and short sleeve, but focused more on fleece, wool, and warm stuff

  • All of the fishing Lures & weights are very cheap locally, so unless you have done this before, wait and get it here.

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